UpCycle This — Sweatshirt

Marcia Wachuta of Craft Sewing & Quilting

When I am sewing something “just for fun”, I take photos of each step, that way, I can remember how I made it, just in case it turns out and I want to make it again! My husband was getting rid of some of his old work sweatshirts. They were still in pretty good shape and I decided to “Up Cycle” one for me!

This PDF is all photos — Only a few words and no instructions. As I was making this, I just flopped the shirt on the floor and took a photo of each step. I was not planning to share it, but a friend asked me to write it up.

If you sew or quilt it should be easy to understand if you view all 40 plus photos. I would suggest if you print this PDF that you print it on a draft setting, so you do not use all your ink for all the photos and 19 pages.